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How to Track an Android Phone Absolutely Free

How to Track an Android Phone

Track an android Phone absolutely free, Google Find Your Phone, a free tool from google you can use to find your android device’s location.

Everyone you know owns a android phone? Yes, that’s pretty much everyone.
Android smartphones have found their way into our lives, Smartphones helping us keep connected to the people we care about.

Misplacing your smartphone or other smart device can be stressful. Our smart devices contain sensitive data and private information.
Losing your smartphone or smart device filled with pictures of your loved ones could be heartbreaking condition.

You should know that there are free tool from google you can use to find your android device’s location and by using you can track an android phone absolutely free.

Google Find Your Phone

find my phone


There are steps you can take to make your smart android devices easier to find if you lose them, or are the victim of theft.

How to locate your phone using Google Find Your Phone


  • You can Track your phone via GPS (Global Positioning System)
  • Can Erase your phone data remotely
  • Remotely you can play a sound (even if your phone on silent)
  • Lock/Screen Lock your phone remotely (Lock the screen,Erase Data, Show a Message on screen) You should Lock or erase your phone data if you fear it has been stolen.
  • Find my device/ Find Your Device can works with android tablets and smartwatches, too
  • Google’s Find My Device app is a one of our favorite Android apps and a must-have app for Android users.
  • If you add a Google Account (Gmail Account) to your Android device, then Find My Device is will automatically turned on.


google find my device

how to Track an Android Phone


Most smart phones (Android) now come with Find My Device built right in. This service automatically tracks your smartphone’s location, so if it ever goes missing you can hop on your computer/laptop or a friend’s phone/family member’s phone and find the last known location of your lost/missing/stolen phone.

Note: You should also be aware that you can’t track your phone unless it’s connected to a Wi-Fi Network or mobile data network and switched on.

If you do want to try a third-party app, we would advise you to read their privacy policy first. Thanks for reading.

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